When Your Pet Outlives You


An accident, a major illness or even a sudden death and where would your beloved pet(s) go?  Instead of gambling on the kindness of family or friends to take care of your companion pets create a plan now to assure your pet will be well taken care of as you would like instead of dumped at the local shelter or worse turned loose to survive on its own.

Too often people believe that someone will take over the care, feeding and vet bills of the pet but the honest truth is that the shelter is filled with loved pets now looking for a new forever home, sadly across this country many do not survive their stay at the shelter.  There are some excellent resources to assist you in planning for your pets future, here is just a partial list of them to get you started.*


Preparing for the unexpected, Ensuring long-term or permanent care for your pet, Choosing a permanent caregiver, Sample language for your will, Entrusting your pet to an organization, limitations of a will, Setting up a trust, Powers of Attorney, Additional info and considerations

Animal Legal and Historical Center
See the article “Ensuring Your Pets Future”

Living Wills, Trusts, etc.

Currently there are two types of trusts in existence: Testamentary and Inter Vivos. The difference is that a Testamentary Trust becomes enforceable upon the death of the owner and the Inter Vivos or Living Trust can be used in the event that the owner cannot take care of the animal. The fact that the inter vivos trust is immediate is a great benefit in itself. Some very important issues come into play such as the identity of the pet, the amount of funding for the trust and the length of the trust.

Pet Trusts /Wills/etc.


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    by Lisa Rogak
  • When Your Pet Outlives You
    by David Congalton
  • All My Children Wear Fur Coats
    by Peggy R. Hoyt

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