FT entrypicDear PAWED Members and Supporters,

Thanks so much to all who have supported our Finishing Touches campaign that began in late February!  We are extremely happy to report that as of July 15, we have raised a total of $180,000 of our goal of $200,000!  We’ve funded the new Animal Shelter’s  outdoor dog exercise area shade sails, large animal barn, grooming tub and table, medical equipment for the onsite spay/neuter clinic, and three deluxe New Generation cat towers for the cat colony/exercise room!  Thanks to your help, we will make a huge difference in the quality of life of the shelter animals and the functioning of the new shelter!

We are now on the final stretch to reach our goal and fully fund our two remaining items:  canine turf for the outdoor dog exercise area and the cat condos.  With only $20,000 to go, we are almost there!  If you have yet to join us in this campaign, please consider a gift now for the new shelter’s finishing touches and make a lasting impact on the lives of shelter animals.  Also, please visit our website for further information on recognition of Major Donors (Silver, Gold and Platinum PAW levels). We plan to complete this campaign by September 1, 2014!

In addition, a reminder that we have opened the sale of the personalized donor tiles! There is room for 300 tiles on the adoption hallway walls.  They are $200 each and proceeds support the Finishing Touches campaign.  You can find additional information and order your tiles on our website, or complete this Donor Tile form and we will contact you.  These tiles will add a very special personal touch to the new shelter and will be a lasting tribute to your special furry friend(s)!

The new shelter construction is proceeding ahead of schedule!  You can see updated construction photos on our website and posted by Bullet, the shelter resident cat, in BULLETS Blog.  The new shelter is expected to open in October, with a grand opening Visit Bullet's Blogcelebration scheduled for November 15, 2014—so mark your calendars!

Please join us for the last step of our Finishing Touches campaign and donate today!

Thank You!                                 Sincerely,

Charlene Welty - President PAWED

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SAND FIRE 28 July 14 9pm

Current info as of 9pm on Monday July 28,2014 can be found on the CalFire Sand Fire incident page. The Sand Fire in the Cosumnes River Drainage on the El Dorado County – Amador County line is still active.

The Red Cross evacuation center for people is still located at Ponderosa High School in Shingle Springs. Animal Evacuation sites at Ponderosa High School and the El Dorado County Fairgrounds have been closed.

As of 9pm Monday Night 28 July 2014 if you need assistance for animals please call Animal Services at 530.621.5795 during normal business hours.  After hours please call Central Dispatch at 530.621-6600 and request to speak to an Animal Services Officer. This information is accurate, the information in the CalFire press release will be updated Tuesday morning.

PAWED’s president is working directly with EDC Animal Services staff on logistics and provision of current information. PAWED volunteers have stepped up to help at all Animal Sheltering sites for this incident and at the Animal Shelter in Placerville. Foothill Dog Rescue is helping with crates and SCLAR has done an incredible job in helping with direct animal evacuations.

For some great info on general emergency preparedness check out PAWED’s Disaster Preparedness Page. The summer is only just begun, we are in multiple year drought so be prepared to evacuate yourself and your animals.

Wind Saturday is what caused the flare up. Today winds were much calmer which is a good thing. Some residents are being allowed back in check the Cal Fire site for details.

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Noah’s Wish Funds Barn for Shelter

Noah's Wish Logo 2Shingle Springs - Noah’s Wish joined forces with PAWED’s (People for Animal Welfare in El Dorado County)  Finishing Touches Campaign to complete the funding of the Large Animal Barn at the new El Dorado County Animal Services Facility, scheduled to open this fall.  Their contribution, together with a couple of initial generous contributions means PAWED has been able to fund the livestock barn and provide a few equipment items for the barn, as well.

NW donation

Allison Lozoya, Barbara Lee, Charlene Welty, Henry Brzezinski, Kevin Oliver and Becky Oliver.

Kevin Oliver, the Chairman of the Board of Noah’s Wish said “the efforts and work PAWED is doing for our community fits in with the mission statement of Noah’s Wish. To provide shelter to animals during disasters and to mitigate the impact of disasters on animals with our training and outreach programs.  As a national organization Noah’s Wish is pleased to support PAWED and El Dorado County’s new Animal Services Facility and Shelter with a $55,000 donation towards PAWED’s Finishing Touches campaign for the construction of the Shelters Barn facility.”

Charlene Welty, President of PAWED, shares “we are so grateful to Noah’s Wish for joining our campaign in such a meaningful way and making a huge impact on the lives of animals that will be sheltered at this facility.    The barn is the single biggest budget item on PAWED’s “Finishing Touches” list-its funding is an important milestone in our Campaign and we thank Noah’s Wish for that.  This generous contribution from Noah’s Wish to fund the barn means that when our new County Animal Shelter opens this fall, it will include safe, clean, functional, attractive housing for large animals in the temporary care of Animal Services.

For more information on PAWED’s Finishing Touches campaign and how you can help complete the $200,000 fundraising campaign, logon to  PAWED is an ALL volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit supporting the county’s animals since 2000.

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Buy a Tile Featuring Your Pet

And Support the New El Dorado County Animal Services Facility

Only 300 tiles are available, which will be sold on a first come, first served basis at $200 each, and you may order more than one tile.  To order a donor tile, please click here for instructions and order form.

Our donor tile program will be coordinated by PAWED member, Debbie Pishek. If you have any questions, email her by clicking here. We have set up this special email address for the Donor Tile Program orders.

We’ll take orders until we fill the spaces, but get your order in by August 15th to make the Fall Shelter Grand Opening.

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FT Fundraising News

UPDATED total for Finishing Touches is now reflected on the thermometer at the top of our pages. We are at around $141,340. Our goal is roughly $200,000.

CAT TOWERS FUNDED! – We’re pleased to announce that funds for all three Cat Towers have now been raised!   One of our generous donors funded the first one. And Thank you El Dorado County Animal Watch Lost and Found for your Spare Change crijo5mDrive – Great Work.   You raised enough for the second Cat Tower and the PAWED Board of Director’s matching funds, brought us number three.   Kitties at the new shelter will soon be climbing, perching, jumping and playing on well made and healthy equipment.

Other fundraising projects are taking place too. There is one on CrowdRise. You can contribute to an existing project here with matching funds or you can create your own page and challenge your friends to donate to it. There are even points and prizes available.

The matching fund campaign for the Shade Sails was a grand success. Generous Donor contributions for the outdoor dog exercise area mean that the Shade Sails can now be purchased and installed. They will provide shade for one of the primary dog exercise yards. They are permanent structures that will also provide relief from the rain during the winter months.

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 Finishing Touches Shade Sails, PAWED SAYS THANK YOU to all DONORS!  SHADE SAILS ARE FUNDED!!!

Shade Sail Concept Drawing for the El Dorado County Animal Shelter Shade Sails will provide shade for one of the primary dog exercise yards.  They are permanent structures that will also provide relief from the rain during the winter months.

Shade Sail Concept Drawing for the El Dorado County Animal Shelter
Shade Sails will provide shade for one of the primary dog exercise yards. They are permanent structures that will also provide relief from the rain during the winter months.

$1 from you and $1 from the anonymous donor. Please act quickly because these funds are only available until July 11th. Since PAWED has already raised a third of what we need, if we can take advantage of the full $10,000 match, we’ll completely fund this item and be able to provide much needed shade for a new dog exercise area at the new El Dorado County Animal Shelter. To donate to this fund just click the link below. (The PayPal Button has been removed.)


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The walls are going up at the New Shelter site along with electrical and fire sprinklers on Capitol Avenue. Check out “Construction Updates” for the latest pictures and news on Animal Services new home. For humorous insights check our BULLETS BLOG. He is slower but a bit more entertaining. If you want to see how you can help with specific equipment and amenities check out PAWED’s Finishing Touches campaign. Below is a gallery from May 15th, 2014. It shows the ducting and steel frame walls going in.  For more details see one of the links above.

Here is another small gallery of images from the construction showing the activity on Monday, June 2nd.

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Muchas Gracias, FFF 2014, Spay/Neuter


FFF 2014 Official Greeter

FFF 2014 Official Greeter

It was a lovely evening with many new friends and donors at PAWED’s Furry Friends Fiesta 2014. The weather was absolutely purrrfect this year; 80 degrees is so much nicer than 110. The margaritas were exceptional per the usual for this event thanks to our Bartending crew (Tracey L, Leslie & Tom W.) And the food catered by

Fresh Mex in Placerville was fresh and tasty.

A range of silent auction items were available from an assortment of animal theme socks and a toaster that toasts dog bones and paws on your food to a lovely flower arrangement from Flowers on Main  and a guided Sierra hike with your dog. Thank you again to all of our generous item donors for finding/funding these fun items and to the auction winners for your enthusiasm.

Janice prepares the great array of Silent Auction Items for bidding.

Janice prepares the great array of Silent Auction Items for bidding.

Thanks so much to the FUNdRAISING (the ‘d’ is silent) team of Janice, Tracey, Donna, Kelly and the fearless leader Janet K. The event was fun and very profitable for our Spay/Neuter Fund. We raised a tad over $3488.39 for the fund ($5148 income – $1659.61 expense). The money from this fund helped spay or neuter X companion animals in 2013. Thanks Jan and Barb for smoothly handling the money duties at the door.


Barb L. and Charlene W. set up a nice display of information on the New Animal Shelter and the Finishing Touches Campaign.

Barb L. and Charlene W. set up a nice display of information on the New Animal Shelter and the Finishing Touches Campaign.

Spay/Neuter Funding in 2013

  • PAWED Mobile Clinic at EDCAS: 636 cats + 295 dogs + 19 rabbits = 950 total
  • Feral Cats through AO:  295 feral cats (PAWED pays 1/2 of Dr. H salary–starting 6/13 through 12/13)
  • SpayPal discount coupon program:  203 cats + 296 dogs= 499 total
  • Full Pay S/N at AO:  2 cats + 26 dogs = 28 Total (PAWED authorizes our full pay of s/n for special needy cases–mostly referred to us by EDCAS officers or shelter staff)
  • Grand Total 950 + 295 + 499 + 28 = 1772 animals helped in 2013
Learning about Finishing Touches From Barb and Charlene

Learning about Finishing Touches From Barb and Charlene


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Give Where You Live Wrap Up

GiveWhereYouLiveLogoAnother National Day of Giving (May 6, 2014) has concluded and the El Dorado Community Foundation’s Give Where You Live Campaign raised a nice sum for local charities. The total for all the charities was just over $152,000 (Yolo County with a population similar to EDC raised only $65,000.) PAWED took in $1283.65 minus the credit card fees of $23.07 for a total of $1260.58.  Sierra Nevada Tire and Wheel did a nice matching fund for us and donated $172 in matching funds for donations that came through their door for PAWED on this day. Most of the funds were unrestricted and the remainder areFleece Pad earmarked for items for the new shelter. This was the first year for the campaign. It is an interesting concept – to focus people on the donation of funds during one 24 hour period (This year it Stainless Steel Bucket flat backwas all day May 6th).

On May 27th there was wrap up meeting to bring representatives of all the EDC non-profits together and discuss what went well and what needed improvement.

What was learned in the first year of this campaign:

  • Avg. donation across all our nonprofits was $217. More people gave by cash or check than by credit card.
  • There were technical issues with capacity to handle the donation stream
  • There were issues with the mobile interface for donation
  • There was some confusion about early donation vs late donation vs donation on the single day of giving.
  • The model for this campaign called for too many email blasts especially for people who are members or donors to multiple non-profits.

GWYL Conclusions/Comparison with Sacramento region Give Local:

  • Money raised was comparable or better based on population base.
  • Awareness about Local EDC charities was raised.
  • Awareness of Non-profits about each other was increased.
  • Less cost in overhead meant more for the charities
  • GWYL provided Better showcase for local EDC charities 50 charities showcased vs. over 400 for Sacto.
  • The administrative fee was only 2.99% vs. 6% – charities put more in their pocket plus the EDCF saved an additional $4000 itself which means more for the community.

The Give Where You Live page on The EDCF website will become BETTER GIVING EL DORADO until the next GWYL in 2015.

Kuranda2Considering that we raised $1260.58 on May 6th and that our original Fund a Need items were the Kuranda Dog beds (40 of them) and these were all donated prior to May 6th (At around $60 each = $2400) we did amazingly well. These funds cannot be officially included but the end result is the same and provides needed funds for the welfare of animals in our county.

Thank you again to our members and donors for your generous support.

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“If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and man.” Mark Twain

Think about this and consider a donation to PAWED on MAY 6th the National Day of Giving. The El Dorado Community Foundation in conjunction with Community Foundations across the country are celebrating a National Day of Giving. Just Click the GWYL logo to donate. Or txt message 55000 and message PAWED on your phone. Additional charges may apply.

The countdown has begun and the community is buzzing with talk about Give Where You Live! Look for the marquees spread throughout the county and for the full-page articles coming out in the Mountain Democrat and Village Life on Friday, May 2nd.

Also, did you know KNCI 105.1 FM: New Country has volunteered to broadcast for Give Where You Live? They will be in the Nugget Market parking lot in El Dorado Hills from noon-1pm on May 6th- look for their

Condos - Please

“If animals could speak, the dog would be a blundering outspoken fellow; but the cat would have the rare grace of never saying a word too much.” Mark Twain

van and drop off a donation!

Don’t forget about the other drop off locations!

  • The El Dorado Community Foundation at 312 Main St. Suite 201 in Placerville
  • Sierra Nevada Tire & Wheel at 659 Main St. in Placerville- AND they’re matching gifts received at this location up to $2,500!
  •  Madroña Vineyards at 2560 High Hill Road in Camino
  • The El Dorado Hills Chamber of Commerce at  2085 Vine Street, Ste. 105, El Dorado Hills

Everyone mark May 6th on their calendars and get ready to GIVE WHERE YOU LIVE!

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