EDCAS Hires Volunteer Coordinator

It is now official, El Dorado County Animal Services has hired its first Volunteer Coordinator. With lots of energy and a smiling face Deanna Chedsey is ready to take on the task of managing the EDCAS Shelter Volunteers. Beginning in 2015 this duty will shift from PAWED to the county.* Deanna has already emailed all of the existing volunteers and sent them the new county volunteer form. Perhaps best of all, Bullet approves of her, as she shares an office with him.

If you need to contact her you may call her at 530-621-7661 or email her at deanna.chedsey@edcgov.us The position is only a 1/2 time position and her hours are not yet set, but she promises she will return your calls and emails in a timely fashion.

*PAWED has provided some of the funding for this position in its first year.

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FINAL “PAWED prints” Newsletter

PP-FallWin2014_WEB-1The final issue of PAWED’s newsletter is available here. It is a celebration of Finishing Touches and PAWED’s achievements over the years. A great big thank you to Jamie Hartshorn and Teri Mizuhara-Smith for their creation of so many excellent issues of our newsletter.

Contents of the final PAWED prints:

  • New shelter opens: The dream becomes a reality
  • Disaster response! – PAWED assists during the Sand and King Fires of 2014
  • A fond farewell – from President Welty
  • …and a huge debt of gratitude!
  • PAWED withdraws from merger
  • Local animals still need your support
  • El Dorado Nursery and Garden ROCKS!
  • Dogs of Main St. calendars!
  • Shelter Scrapbook – a work in progress (photo gallery)
  • Calling all volunteers!
  • Finishing Touches Campaign! Silver, Gold and Platinum Donor Lists
  • Noah’s Wish Large Animal Barn welcomes first residents
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A Celebration of PAWED

Here is the youtube link to the video slide show shown at this event. PAWED 2000-2014 

PAWED held its final fundraiser* on Saturday, December 6th, 2014 at the Shingle Springs yappy-holidays-2014_9-24-14Community Center. Meowy Christmas and Yappy Holidays (MC & YH) 2014 was a lovely celebration of PAWED’s achievements over its 14 year history which culminated with the completion of the New El Dorado County West Slope Animal Services Facility.

MC&YH was well attended by new and long time supporters of our organization. There was both a silent auction and a crowd favorite the LIVE auction with Janet Kenneweg as auctioneer. President Charlene Welty (w/ technical assistance from Bill Welty) presented a great power point synopsis of PAWED’s history. Long time PAWED member Karen Nishimura collected private funds from the PAWED membership to fund a thank you plaque and 5 nights stay at a dog friendly vacation rental in Bodega Bay for Charlene for her years of unwavering service for animal welfare in our county. IMG_4741wTHANK YOU CHARLENE from all of us.

*Check back soon for the total funds raised for Spay and Neuter in our county.

See the gallery below for a few pictures of this fun event.

The YouTube video of the Power Point Slide Show by Welty & Welty link can be found at the top of this page.

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ALERT – the Grand Opening Celebration for the El Dorado County Animal Services new West Slope Animal Shelter has been delayed. It will take place in the Spring of 2015. More information will be posted here when it is available. In the mean time the shelter is up and running at the new location with fencing, shade structures and other features still in the process of being installed. It truly is a wonderful facility. You are welcome to stop by for business, to check it out or to visit the adoptables or to adopt. Check the Animal Services website for hours and other information. The old administrative offices and the old shelter site have closed completely and all Animal Services Business is done at the new location – 6435 Capitol Drive in Diamond Springs.IMG_3181w

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2015 DOGS OF MAIN ST CALENDAR – now available

2015 Dogs of Main St. Calendar is now available at The Bookery.

2015 Dogs of Main St. Calendar is now available at The Bookery.

The 2015 “Dogs of Main Street” Calendar is now available. At just $15 each they are the perfect gift for any dog lover. The Bookery owner, Nancy Dunk, creates it, has it printed and sells it; donating all the proceeds to PAWED.  Currently the calendar can be found and purchased at The Bookery, Canines on Main and at the Placerville Eskaton. More sites to follow


Nancy Dunk and Abbey of The Bookery, Main Street Placerville.

Nancy Dunk of The Bookery, Main Street Placerville.

The money will go into PAWED’s fund, providing amenities for the New Animal Services Facility at Capitol Ave in Diamond Springs which opened Thursday, October 16th. They are also donating some of the proceeds from the book “Exceptional Names for Extraordinary Pets” as well which can only be found at The Bookery.IMG_3681w

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IMG_3181wThe New El Dorado County West Slope Animal Services Facility is almost done and moving day is coming. The New El Dorado County Animal Services Facility officially opens:  THURSDAY OCTOBER 16th, 2014

The address of the new facility is:    6435 Capitol Avenue in Diamond Springs

Map of New Shelter Location

Map of New Shelter Location

The Official Moving Dates:  Monday, Oct. 13 to Wednesday, Oct 15th

El Dorado County Animal Services will be closed for normal public business from  Monday, October 13th to Wednesday October 15th. NO ADOPTIONS DURING THE MOVE at either location.

During this time, stray animals brought in by the public or officers will be accepted at the new shelter, however, no other business will be conducted these dates.

IF YOU ARE A PAWED MEMBER or PAWED SUPPORTER and want to help the details are below on the logistics of the move and the help needed.

1.  DOG MOVING:  If you have been at the existing shelter, you will have seen that half IMG_3115wthe dog kennels are gone–moved to the new site.  On Wednesday, 10/8, the rest of the dog kennels will be moved to the new shelter.  If you are signed up for dog walking and have questions contact Charlene Welty.


IMG_3163wnow scheduled for Monday, Oct. 13.  The shelter will be closed for usual public business from Oct. 13-15, with normal hours and services to resume Oct. 16.  However, during this time, the shelter will continue to accept stray animals brought in by the public and officers to the new shelter, but they will not accept owner relinquished animals nor will there be adoptions during these days. And this will definitely not be a time for the public to come in and look around!

3. CAT MOVING:  All cats will remain at the existing shelter until Oct. 13.  So, if you can help with the cats between now and then, continue to go to the existing shelter!


  • PACK:  We still need more folks to help pack every day, however, no volunteers IMG_3076ware needed for packing on Sunday. (NO HELP NEEDED ON SUNDAY)
  • CLEAN:  Shelter staff have sorted through all crates and bowls/feeding dishes.  Yesterday, they had a “Free to good home” sale on old crates they did not plan to move to the new site and because of Sara’s Facebook posting about this, 40 of them disappeared in no time at all!  The remaining crates and food dishes are stacked outside and need to be cleaned before moving.  So, if you can go to the shelter Friday and/or Saturday and help clean these items, preparing them for the move, that would be much appreciated!
  • GREET & DIRECT: Experienced volunteers, this is the job for you!  We would like to have a volunteer at the New shelter at the front door Oct. 13, 14 and 15 insuring that the public does not wander inside ( front doors will be open as things are moving in), informing people that shelter is not open for regular business until the 16th,  and directing people who have strays to the separate Stray Intake entrance on the side of the buildingIf you are available and interested in doing this, please email me asap!  We will plan to do 4 hour shifts each day–9am-1pm and 1pm-5pm.

Thanks for being patient and flexible as things change with this move process.  But, the good news is by mid October we will be operating out of our brand NEW animal shelter!!

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King Fire 2014 from Shingle Springs

King Fire 2014 from Shingle Springs

Mother Nature can be very cruel and humbling. With the recent Sand and King Fires as reminders we should all take heed and make sure we are prepared in the event of an emergency or disaster. If you have never prepared a go bag or an emergency cache this is a good time to start. If you have prepared, it may be time to do that practice drill and see if you can fit 72 hours worth of supplies, yourselves and your pets in your vehicle. There are many good websites that tell you what to take and how to prepare.

Will you be able to shelter in place or will you have to evacuate? The answer may be pet evac 2different depending on what the emergency or disaster is. If you don’t know where to start or if you need a review PAWED has some excellent handouts you can read on line or print that will help you. Preparation needs vary with the animal species so we have different handouts to address this. You may click on the links below or use the menu bar above and go to DISASTER PREPAREDNESS under PET CARE.

Here are some good links for further information:P1070123Deaton

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Finishing Touches – $200,000 GOAL MET

It has been a very successful Finishing Touches Campaign, which began in March. As of today, September 30, we have raised all funds needed for the large animal barn, canine turf, shade sails, medical equipment for the spay/neuter clinic, Crijo cat towers, grooming equipment, and cat condos. Thanks to the many very generous donations of PAWED members and others in our community, we have reached our goal of $200,000!!  THANK YOU!!
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28 SEPT 2014 10:30am – Everything is winding down on the King Fire. The prior inciweb page appears to be inaccessible but there is a summary page on containment and acreage here. Unless there is a significant development this will be the last post here. The vast majority of the animals have been returned to their owners as they head home after the evacuations. Here is a link to a pdf topo map of the incident as of today. Active fire lines are in red, containment lines are in black. And below is this morning’s MODIS hot spot now showing how much things have wound down in the last few days. If you want to read a first hand account of how the fire went down from a resident’s perspective click here.

KIng Fire MODIS map and fire perimeter (active and inactive) for 28Sept14 1030am.

KIng Fire MODIS map and fire perimeter (active and inactive) for 28Sept14 1030am.

25 SEPT 2014 1:30pm – RAIN, Rain come and stay, at least for a while. Through the combined efforts of 8,000 firefighters and mother nature things are looking up on the King Fire. At 6pm last night residents were allowed back in to the Swansboro area. For a current list of releases and ongoing evacuated areas go to the EDSO blog.

Animal Services will be busy today releasing animals back to their owners but if you have loaned equipment to them you can pick it up during regular business hours. If the equipment or animals are at the Fairgrounds you should contact Animal Services first. For animals or equipment at the Ponderosa High School FFA Farm you should contact Animal Services or do as instructed by persons on site at the FFA Farm. Contact info and hours for Animal Services are at this link.

Animal Services staff have requested Laundry Detergent and household bleach as their current supply is very low and resupply is difficult with all the animal releases today.

24 Sept 2014 Noon – Sheltering sites remain the same. Manpower is adequate and supplies are good with the exception of Pine Pellets for cat litter, see Facebook Post. HELP is still needed at the El Dorado County Animal Services Placerville Shelter to get laundry done off site and brought back daily. Check with shelter staff by calling or through their facebook page. Only a short term solution is needed for the laundry, as the shelter will very soon be moving to the New Animal Services Facility which will have a brand new washer and dryer. (Thank you for those who offered to purchase a new machine.)

Progress on direct and indirect fire lines in both Zone 1 and Zone 2 of the fire continues. Backfiring appears to be almost complete to protect the Swansboro area with connection to Slab Creek Reservoir on the south side. The arcing heat signatures in the southwestern part of the image below are consistent with this information. For all kinds of links and information go to the Inciweb site for the King Fire.King Fire 24Sept14 am Heat map

22 Sept 2014 9pm – Sheltering sites remain the same. Supplies and manpower are still adequate at these sites and the fire appears to continue with its more reasonable behavior. Animal Services has posted information in the news section of their website.

There is a nice collection of links and information on Inciweb now click here.

More MODIS hotspot maps can be seen on the PAWED Facebook page just click on the FB icon at the top of any of our pages and it will take you there.

20 SEPT 2014 5pm update – No change in sheltering sites. All sites have adequate supplies and manpower at this time. Sheltering will continue into next week and perhaps longer depending on the behavior of the fire. Currently at the Placerville Shelter (EDCAS) alone there are 40 dogs, 60 cats, 8 chinchillas, 4 cage birds and 1 guinea pig. HELP is needed at the El Dorado County Animal Services Placerville Shelter to get laundry done off site daily. Check with shelter staff by calling or through their facebook page. Only a short term solution is needed for the laundry as the shelter will very soon be moving to the New Animal Services Facility which will have a brand new washer and dryer. (Thank you for those who offered to purchase a new machine.) A GREAT BIG thank you goes out to HANGTOWN KENNEL CLUB for their loan of 8 huge dog show tents to provide critical shade for dogs being sheltered at the Placerville Shelter (EDCAS)

6:30 pm Hot Spot Map

King Fire MODIS hotspot map for 20 SEPT 2014 630pm

King Fire MODIS hotspot map for 20 SEPT 2014 630pm

19 SEPT 2014 11:30am update – All animal sheltering sites are currently good on supplies of all types, including manpower. These sites are being manned by trained PAWED shelter volunteers, SCLAR members and EDCAS staff.

ANIMAL EMERGENCY SHELTERING at THE  7th Day ADVENTIST CHURCH IN CAMINO HAS CLOSED AND MOVED TO THE EL DORADO COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER IN PLACERVILLE. – This site is sheltering the dogs, cats, pocket pets and caged birds like parrots and canaries.

Small farm animals like sheep, goats and pigs as well as poultry and water fowl (chickens, ducks and geese) should go to the FFA farm at Ponderosa High School in Shingle Springs.

Large farm animals like horses, cattle and Llamas should go to the Fair grounds in Placerville. Be advised that this site is also the main staging location for all firefighters coming on and off of this fire.

The fire has been calmer the last 24 hours as seen in the mid morning MODIS hotspot map. (Note that some of the newer hot spots may be backfires to improve containment.)

King Fire 10:30 am  SEPT 19, 2014. MODIS hotspot map.

King Fire 10:30 am SEPT 19, 2014. MODIS hotspot map.

17 SEPT 2014 4:30 PM update – The El Dorado County Animal Services Placerville Shelter needs clean new cardboard cat carriers if you have them.

There is a new information page for the King Fire with key links to information. The EDSO link has current evacuation information and community meeting locations. http://www.edcgov.us/Government/El_Dorado_County_King_Fire_Information.aspx

Here are the MODIS Hot Spot Maps for Noon today and for 4:30pm today.

4:30pm 17 SEPT 2014 HOT spot map shows spots crossing the Rubicon and ringing Stumpy Meadows Reservoir.

4:30pm 17 SEPT 2014 HOT spot map shows spots crossing the Rubicon and ringing Stumpy Meadows Reservoir.

Noon 17 SEPT 2014 King Fire Hot Spots compare with 4:40pm map (not same scale)

Noon 17 SEPT 2014 King Fire Hot Spots compare with 4:30pm map (not same scale)

16 SEPT 2014 10 pm update - Donations of 4 – 8 inch plastic or metal bowls needed at the Fairgrounds for feeding evacuated turkeys, chickens, and ducks.  Please deliver to SCLAR volunteers at Fairgrounds.

16 SEPT 2014 5:30 PM (update) Animal Evacuations – The El Dorado County Animal Services shelter in Placerville is FULL.  Animals can be evacuated to the following sites:

1.  Large animals–to the El Dorado County Fairgrounds (SCLAR and EDCAS are managing this site)
2.  Small farm animals (pigs, goats, sheep, ducks, chickens, turkeys, etc):  to Ponderosa Highschool FFA barn. (the FFA staff and volunteers are managing this site) – This site is at capacity for birds so call Animal services if you have birds that need sheltering to get direction from them.
3.  Dogs and Cats:  to the Seventh Day Adventist Church on Carson Rd. in Camino.  EDCAS staff and PAWED volunteers are managing this site.
LATEST MAP OF HOT SPOTS 6 pm PDT on 16 Sept 2014
King Fire HOt spots 6pm 16 sept

King Fire Modis HOT spots 6pm 16 Sept

16 SEPTEMBER 11:45 AM update (This is a rapidly changing situation. The Emergency People and Small Animal Shelter has already been moved 3 times.)

Current updates on yubanet

The fire is currently listed at over 11,000 acres. The King Fire started off of Forebay Road in Pollock Pines on September 13th. Yubanet cites the following new evacuation info at 11:35 today. “CHP SIGALERT update: Mandatory evacuations on Mosquito Rd – CLosures will be at ROCK CREEK and 193, Rock Creek and Mosquito, Gravel Rd at Rock Creek and Mosquito at Bolt – Only emergency vehicles will be allowed.”

Most recent map (thank you yubanet for posting this)

King Fire Perimeter 16 Sept 2014 AM

King Fire Perimeter 16 Sept 2014 AM

The most recent information from Cal Fire on the incident can be found here.

Large animals are being handled at the Fairgrounds in Placerville by SCLAR volunteers and EDCAS staff.

Small animals are to go to the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Camino. PAWED volunteers and EDCAS staff are manning this animal shelter. If you are a trained PAWED shelter volunteer and wish to help contact Charlene via email or phone and she will schedule you if there is still a need. There is also need for transport of supplies from the Placerville shelter to the Emergency Shelter in Camino.

Supplies are needed and should go to the El Dorado County Animal Services Placerville Shelter.

Equipment and Supplies:  Crates, cat litter, small aluminum litter pans, cat and dog food:  We are in the process of getting crates at the shelter cleaned and transported to the Church in Camino.  Also getting crates and other disaster response supplies( stored at the disaster response storage site in Shingle Springs), transported to Camino.  If you have large or medium crates that we can use, please mark them with your name and phone numberand take them to the shelter, and we will get them transported to Camino.  Also we need more cat litter, small aluminum litter pans, dry cat and dog food–and if you can donate any of these items, please take to the shelter.

Most recent info from Yubanet as CalFire site is overloaded and not accessible.

September 16, 2014 at 11:13 AM

Current Situation: The King Fire is located in the canyon of the South Fork of the American River, northeast of the community of Pollock Pines. The fire is currently burning to the east/northeast and northwest and was very active yesterday. The fire is burning in steep terrain located in the South Fork of the American River Canyon and Silver Creek Canyon. Rollouts and spotting continue to be a problem in these areas. Both ground and air resources continue to be challenged by this steep terrain. During the nighttime hours the fire remained active, pushing the fire down through the drainages. California Interagency Incident Management Team 5 has assumed command of the fire as of 6:00 A.M. this morning. This unified command fire is a joint effort with CAL FIRE and the El Dorado National Forest.

Evacuations: Mandatory Evacuation Orders are in place for the following: The Community of Swansboro north of the South Fork of the American River between Brushy Creek and Rock Creek. Eastside of Forebay Road from King of the Mountain Road to Pony Express Trail. All roads north of Pony Express Trail from Forebay Road east through Bullion Bend. White Meadows Road and Spring Valley Road are also under mandatory evacuation.

Voluntary Evacuation Advisories are in place for the following: East side of Sly Park Road between Highway 50 and Park Creek Road, extending east to Fresh Pond, and west of Forebay Road from Blair Road to Pony Express Trail. Badger Hill Road, Marmot Road, Lucky Mine Road, Old Blair Mill Road, Apple Creek Ct, Applemont Ranch, Chickaree Lane, Longs Creek, Quick Silver Road, Quick Silver Ct, and Baltimore Road are also included in the Voluntary Evacuation Advisory.

Evacuation Shelter Location: The evacuation center has been moved to the Camino Seventh-day Adventist Church. The Address is: 3520 Carson Road in Camino.

Road Closures: Forebay Road at Blair Road and at Forebay Road at Pony Express Trail. White Meadows Road is Closed at Ice House Road. Highway 50 east of Pollock Pines may be subject to delays or lane closures in the fire area.

Special Announcements: A community meeting will be held tonight at 7:30 P.M., located at the Camino Seventh-day Adventist Church. The Address is: 3520 Carson Road in Camino.

Cooperating Agencies: El Dorado County Sheriff, CHP, Red Cross, Cal OES, El Dorado County Animal Control, El Dorado Irrigation District, Sacramento Municipal Utility District, Sierra Pacific Industries.

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New style cat housing will minimize stress on cats while at the shelter awaiting adoption. It conforms with best practices identified by UC Davis Koret Animal Health.

New style cat housing will minimize stress on cats while at the shelter awaiting adoption. It conforms with best practices identified by UC Davis Koret Animal Health.

PAWED’s Finishing Touches Campaign is definitely in the finishing stretch with over $190,000 raised as of August 4, 2014. There is still a great opportunity to double your donation for canine turf using matching funds from a local business through Crowdrise. We could still use funds for the special cat condos that minimize stress and risk of infectious disease. All of the other Finishing Touches items are pretty much funded already – our donors are amazing – THANK YOU

To honor a beloved pet, Donor Tiles are still available and you can still become a Silver, Gold or Platinum Paw donor. Naming opportunities are also still available. Don’t forget to check out pictures of the shelter progress on our website and pictures and commentary on Bullet’s Blog.

IMG_9347wThe project is coming in on time and on budget, which speaks volumes to the planning and cooperation between key PAWED volunteers Barb Lee and Charlene Welty and the county Senior Project Manager Brent Collins and Site Manager Dan Evans as well as the main contractor, D.G. Granade, working on this project.

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