Dog Exercise Areas


Safe and functional play space for dogs.

Dog Exercise Areas  The new Shelter will provide long needed functional, comfortable spaces for volunteers and staff to exercise dogs, provide one on one attention, and necessary activity outlets – essential for canine health and adoptability. Ranging in size from about 2500 to 5,000 square feet, six separate exercise areas will also provide exceptional space for some play time with prospective adopters.  PAWED met its goal to finish off portions of the exercise areas with synthetic turf and shade structures to create usable all season outdoor environments.

K9Grass synthetic Turf provides a great place for dogs to exercise or just relax.

K9Grass synthetic Turf provides a great place for dogs to exercise or just relax.

    • Synthetic Turf  (Turf Flyer)  K9Grass synthetic turf products developed for dog play area applications have drainage features and shorter blades and texture that is cooler than other synthetic turf.  Together with the recommended substrate preparation and installation this turf will give us a long-term solution to exercise area surfacing. 
Shade concept1

Shade Structure (Shade Sail) Concept Drawing from side.

    • Shade Structures (Shade Sails)(Shade Flyer   Shade structures such as commercial grade shade sails use tensile structures and commercial sail awnings to provide permanent shade protection.   Used over a portion of an exercise area, a shade solution like these examples will greatly extend the seasonal effective use of these important spaces. 

      Shade Concept 2

      Shade Structure (Shade Sail)  Concept Drawing from above.

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