EDCAS Hires Volunteer Coordinator

It is now official, El Dorado County Animal Services has hired its first Volunteer Coordinator. With lots of energy and a smiling face Deanna Chedsey is ready to take on the task of managing the EDCAS Shelter Volunteers. Beginning in 2015 this duty will shift from PAWED to the county.* Deanna has already emailed all of the existing volunteers and sent them the new county volunteer form. Perhaps best of all, Bullet approves of her, as she shares an office with him.

If you need to contact her you may call her at 530-621-7661 or email her at deanna.chedsey@edcgov.us The position is only a 1/2 time position and her hours are not yet set, but she promises she will return your calls and emails in a timely fashion.

*PAWED has provided some of the funding for this position in its first year.