IMG_3181wThe New El Dorado County West Slope Animal Services Facility is almost done and moving day is coming. The New El Dorado County Animal Services Facility officially opens:  THURSDAY OCTOBER 16th, 2014

The address of the new facility is:    6435 Capitol Avenue in Diamond Springs

Map of New Shelter Location

Map of New Shelter Location

The Official Moving Dates:  Monday, Oct. 13 to Wednesday, Oct 15th

El Dorado County Animal Services will be closed for normal public business from  Monday, October 13th to Wednesday October 15th. NO ADOPTIONS DURING THE MOVE at either location.

During this time, stray animals brought in by the public or officers will be accepted at the new shelter, however, no other business will be conducted these dates.

IF YOU ARE A PAWED MEMBER or PAWED SUPPORTER and want to help the details are below on the logistics of the move and the help needed.

1.  DOG MOVING:  If you have been at the existing shelter, you will have seen that half IMG_3115wthe dog kennels are gone–moved to the new site.  On Wednesday, 10/8, the rest of the dog kennels will be moved to the new shelter.  If you are signed up for dog walking and have questions contact Charlene Welty.


IMG_3163wnow scheduled for Monday, Oct. 13.  The shelter will be closed for usual public business from Oct. 13-15, with normal hours and services to resume Oct. 16.  However, during this time, the shelter will continue to accept stray animals brought in by the public and officers to the new shelter, but they will not accept owner relinquished animals nor will there be adoptions during these days. And this will definitely not be a time for the public to come in and look around!

3. CAT MOVING:  All cats will remain at the existing shelter until Oct. 13.  So, if you can help with the cats between now and then, continue to go to the existing shelter!


  • PACK:  We still need more folks to help pack every day, however, no volunteers IMG_3076ware needed for packing on Sunday. (NO HELP NEEDED ON SUNDAY)
  • CLEAN:  Shelter staff have sorted through all crates and bowls/feeding dishes.  Yesterday, they had a “Free to good home” sale on old crates they did not plan to move to the new site and because of Sara’s Facebook posting about this, 40 of them disappeared in no time at all!  The remaining crates and food dishes are stacked outside and need to be cleaned before moving.  So, if you can go to the shelter Friday and/or Saturday and help clean these items, preparing them for the move, that would be much appreciated!
  • GREET & DIRECT: Experienced volunteers, this is the job for you!  We would like to have a volunteer at the New shelter at the front door Oct. 13, 14 and 15 insuring that the public does not wander inside ( front doors will be open as things are moving in), informing people that shelter is not open for regular business until the 16th,  and directing people who have strays to the separate Stray Intake entrance on the side of the buildingIf you are available and interested in doing this, please email me asap!  We will plan to do 4 hour shifts each day–9am-1pm and 1pm-5pm.

Thanks for being patient and flexible as things change with this move process.  But, the good news is by mid October we will be operating out of our brand NEW animal shelter!!