FT Fundraising News

UPDATED total for Finishing Touches is now reflected on the thermometer at the top of our pages. We are at around $141,340. Our goal is roughly $200,000.

CAT TOWERS FUNDED! – We’re pleased to announce that funds for all three Cat Towers have now been raised!   One of our generous donors funded the first one. And Thank you El Dorado County Animal Watch Lost and Found for your Spare Change crijo5mDrive – Great Work.   You raised enough for the second Cat Tower and the PAWED Board of Director’s matching funds, brought us number three.   Kitties at the new shelter will soon be climbing, perching, jumping and playing on well made and healthy equipment.

Other fundraising projects are taking place too. There is one on CrowdRise. You can contribute to an existing project here with matching funds or you can create your own page and challenge your friends to donate to it. There are even points and prizes available.

The matching fund campaign for the Shade Sails was a grand success. Generous Donor contributions for the outdoor dog exercise area mean that the Shade Sails can now be purchased and installed. They will provide shade for one of the primary dog exercise yards. They are permanent structures that will also provide relief from the rain during the winter months.