Give Where You Live Wrap Up

GiveWhereYouLiveLogoAnother National Day of Giving (May 6, 2014) has concluded and the El Dorado Community Foundation’s Give Where You Live Campaign raised a nice sum for local charities. The total for all the charities was just over $152,000 (Yolo County with a population similar to EDC raised only $65,000.) PAWED took in $1283.65 minus the credit card fees of $23.07 for a total of $1260.58.  Sierra Nevada Tire and Wheel did a nice matching fund for us and donated $172 in matching funds for donations that came through their door for PAWED on this day. Most of the funds were unrestricted and the remainder areFleece Pad earmarked for items for the new shelter. This was the first year for the campaign. It is an interesting concept – to focus people on the donation of funds during one 24 hour period (This year it Stainless Steel Bucket flat backwas all day May 6th).

On May 27th there was wrap up meeting to bring representatives of all the EDC non-profits together and discuss what went well and what needed improvement.

What was learned in the first year of this campaign:

  • Avg. donation across all our nonprofits was $217. More people gave by cash or check than by credit card.
  • There were technical issues with capacity to handle the donation stream
  • There were issues with the mobile interface for donation
  • There was some confusion about early donation vs late donation vs donation on the single day of giving.
  • The model for this campaign called for too many email blasts especially for people who are members or donors to multiple non-profits.

GWYL Conclusions/Comparison with Sacramento region Give Local:

  • Money raised was comparable or better based on population base.
  • Awareness about Local EDC charities was raised.
  • Awareness of Non-profits about each other was increased.
  • Less cost in overhead meant more for the charities
  • GWYL provided Better showcase for local EDC charities 50 charities showcased vs. over 400 for Sacto.
  • The administrative fee was only 2.99% vs. 6% – charities put more in their pocket plus the EDCF saved an additional $4000 itself which means more for the community.

The Give Where You Live page on The EDCF website will become BETTER GIVING EL DORADO until the next GWYL in 2015.

Kuranda2Considering that we raised $1260.58 on May 6th and that our original Fund a Need items were the Kuranda Dog beds (40 of them) and these were all donated prior to May 6th (At around $60 each = $2400) we did amazingly well. These funds cannot be officially included but the end result is the same and provides needed funds for the welfare of animals in our county.

Thank you again to our members and donors for your generous support.