DOGS OF MAIN ST Raises $2619

Its early March and some further funds have just come in from the Calendar Sales. I have just updated the total – $2619. AWESOME .– “Amateur webmaster” March 4th, 2014 —

Over the Holiday season some businesses on Placerville’s Main Street were busy raising money for PAWED. The last few years Nancy Dunk of The Bookery and Judie Stewart of Flowers on Main have created a calendar called “Dogs of Main Street.” They plan it, create it, have it printed and sell it, donating all the proceeds to PAWED.  This year the calendar sales totaled $2504. The 2014 Calendar has pretty much sold out so the ladies are looking to July of this year when they start creating again for 2015.

THANK YOU. THANK YOU. The money will go into PAWED’s General Fund where it can be put to use where ever it is needed from Spay/Neuter Coupons to Adoption Assistance and the NEW Animal Shelter.