FFF 2013 RECAP or perhaps RESOMBRERO?

It was hot, hot, hot. Temperatures outside the Shingle Springs Community Center topped out a 110 degrees Fahrenheit. But with traditional and strawberry margaritas that were “to-die-for” made by Tom and Leslie Wall, all attendees were content and muy tranquilo. The heat led to attendance being down a bit, but the enthusiasm of the group and the quality of the donated items for the silent auction meant that the revenues generated were not too far off from last year. The FUNdraising/Events crew, lead by Event Master Janet Kenneweg, consists of Tracey Lindberg, Donna Deaton, Kelly Adams and Janice Marquez.

The cash box and official greeting duties were accomplished by Jan Peterson and Barb Phillips. 

Board Members Charlene Welty, Mary Winkler & Lisa Couper made sure to visit with attendees.

A big thank you to Kerry McBride for bringing a large contingent from Foothill Dog Rescue to bid on items and liven up the place.

The food was from Fresh Mex in Placerville was very tasty and very fresh.

The Net proceeds are destined for the New Shelter Fund and amount to $2344.47.

Thanks again to our Sponsors:

2PAW: Hangtown Kennel Club

1PAW: LammiCat Woodworks, Donna Deaton

1PAW: Gold Rush Dalmatians and Portuguese Podengo Pequenos – Dennis & Michelle Collingwood

Thank you top donors and thank you big spenders for the silent auction in no particular order:

1. Donna Deaton of LammiCat Woodworks for the wonderful natural wood scratching post and the elevated dog feeder/storage bin. Howard Penn and Lissa from Foothill Dog Rescue buyers respectively.

2.Janice Marquez and hubby Dan Sorensen procured and donated 12 bottles of wine – Dave and Panadda Cook purchase 5 bottles at very generous prices.

3. 2 very cute pieces of artwork from Allison Stein were donated by Pres Charlene and purchased by Karen Nishimura.

And THANK YOU to all members and donors: your support is, as always, appreciated beyond mere words. — A successful event in tough times is priceless.

Sophie and the Bone