Bark Avenue Does It Again!

Adoption Day & Anniversary Celebration Raffle generates $170 for PAWED & 10 animals adopted.

Bark Avenue had its 5th Anniversary celebration Sunday, October 14th. Their way of celebrating was to have an Adoption Day. PAWED helped out with volunteers for the event.

Every pet adopted out is a success so this event was AWESOME as 5 dogs and 4 cats were adopted out and an additional kitten was adopted on Monday.  Several local animal groups were represented including Animal Outreach of the Mother Lode,  El Dorado County Animal Services, PAWED of course, the Reptile Lady and Cocker Spaniel Rescue.  They had about 500 people through out the day.  As the owner Robin Mizell puts it “It was a great day for us and those animals.”

Check out some great photos of the day from Lisa VanDyke of El Dorado DogPhotography. She has posted a Gallery on the PAWED facebook page which you can see by clicking here.

Photo:  Sara Watkins, EDC Animal Shelter employee and friends!