New Shelter Takes New Direction

The emotional roller coaster ride that is the New West Slope Animal Shelter project continued today. The El Dorado County Board of Supervisors voted to give direction to staff to explore two alternate sites for the new animal shelter.  This comes after 7 years and millions spent on a plan to build the new shelter on the 10 acres site at the El Dorado Y. Unfortunately, current county estimates indicate that the project at the Y would cost $2-4 million over what is budgeted for the project.

After some animated and one rather high decibel presentations by various PAWED and community members the BOS decided 4 to 1 to gather further data on the existing site at the “Y” and on two alternate sites in the community labeled “A” and “B”.  Information on the sites was limited but would involve retrofits to existing buildings. From the public input it was clear that a large amount of additional information and cost estimation is needed to adequately compare the options. Please check back here for updates and for more details on the projects see the Shelter Coalition website at