Nearly 100 Shelter Volunteers

PAWED Volunteer Coordinator, Kelly Adams has been very busy training new PAWED shelter volunteers.  There are now nearly 100 volunteers who assist at the shelter, since PAWED assumed responsibility for the shelter’s volunteer program in September 2011.  Each volunteer is required to attend a 3 hour PAWED
training session, which includes a demonstration of dog and cat handling by Kerry McBride and Tracey Lindberg.  Then, on their first day of volunteering at the shelter, they are assisted by either Kelly or Volunteer Training Assistants, Carol Mayes or Kat Arrington, and policies and procedures are reinforced and questions answered as they take dogs out for exercise and socialize with the cats.

Recently, PAWED also added and is in the process
of conducting meetings with groups of trained volunteers and EDCAS Chief, Henry Brezezinski and at least one shelter staff person.  These meetings are intended to reinforce and support the important positive working relationship at the shelter between staff and volunteers.  PAWED thanks the many dedicated trained PAWED shelter volunteers who give their valuable time and compassion to helping the shelter’s animals every day.