17 New Volunteers Join PAWED

We had a great Volunteer Training yesterday and 17 new volunteers attended–our largest group yet in one session!  The group was split in two for training purposes.  PAWED President Charlene Welty and Kelly Adams did a Power Point presentation for the volunteers while Board members Kerry McBride and Tracey Lindberg took the other half for dog handling training.  An hour later and they switched groups so everyone attended both training sessions.

Charlene and Kelly use the brand new PAWED projector and screen system and it was a techno show!  The PAWED DVD opened the training then they switched to the PowerPoint presentation, which Charlene developed for the General Volunteer training, based on PAWEDs Training Manual.  And the final piece of the training, and possibly the most confusing to volunteers, was to go over the Google Calendar system for volunteer scheduling–projected onto the screen and demonstrated with the laptop connecting to the internet via a Wi Fi connection Kelly provided with her laptop.  Boy, did that make things a lot easier and it looked very professional.  All in all an excellent day with great new volunteers!